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PIDX main remit as an Industry Body is the development of Royalty free Electronic Business Standards for Trading Partners within the Global Energy Industry. PIDX Standards help drive eBusiness adoption, integration cost reduction, and improve overall Business Processes Efficiencies.

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“PIDX has been an important tool for us to connect, integrate and foster mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and trading partners.”
Darren Ebanks, Schlumberger
“PIDX standards allow us to quickly and efficiently connect and collaborate with partners throughout our supply chain. The PIDX standard has become a strategic asset for BP’s global ERP solutions enabling standardised and harmonised end-to-end processes across business lines and geographical regions.”
Andrew Mercer, BP
“We need PIDX if we want all our industry partners (large and small) using one global data exchange standard.”
Huibert Vigeveno, Shell Oil
“Our value proposition relies heavily on our practical knowledge and experience.  PIDX is the forum for refining that knowledge because the community is made up of actual practitioners.” 
Tim Morgan, Sullexis
“It was amazing to see competitors like Halliburton, Schlumberger and Cameron working together to develop global standards and optimize the commerce process.”
Diego Berazategui, Akrom
“PIDX standards have been instrumental to accelerate adoption of our electronic commerce and optimize transaction costs, an industry body that sets this type of standards is necessary prerequisite to continue the transformation of our industry.”
Julio Lago, Baker Hughes
“PIDX has been instrumental in the development and advancement of Electronic Commerce standards throughout the Petroleum Industry. The results are not only seen in the improved business relationships, but also in the reduced cycle time-enabling decisions, producing efficiency improvements, and cost reductions. As the world economy continues to grow, I see PIDX playing an even more important role in Global Market Electronic Commerce Standards.”
John Pinnella, Chevron

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