Tires & Alignment

We are a premier, 5 star rated Tire Rack installer and use Hunter equipment for  mounting and roadforce balancing.  We can handle difficult runflat and reverse mount wheels as well.   Let us check your alignment to ensure crisp handling and avoid premature tire wear.  We can align everything from mini coopers to 4 door dually trucks!

General Service

We provide a wide range of services from scheduled OEM maintenance to complex repairs including timing belts, head gaskets, clutches, differentials, transmissions, AC and electrical.

Track Prep

We provide ride height adjustments, spec alignments, corner balancing services, and comprehensive powertrain, suspension and brake services.  We work with many local clubs , offer member discounts, and host tech inspections.

From everyday repairs to performance upgrades

Automotive Performance & Chassis is a locally owned and operated auto repair & performance shop located in downtown Cary, NC. We specialize in Chassis services including steering & suspension, engine, transmission, differentials, axles, alignment, and tire mounting & balancing.  We frequently service Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge and Chrysler vehicles.