Medical Career Academy is dedicated to providing each student with high quality education in several health care fields. With our small class size, we can commit to each student individually and provide full support at every step in the process. We offer a real life, hands on experience for the student that is derived from instructors that are extremely skilled and experienced. MCA gives each student the confidence and scope of education needed to practice in this field of medicine.

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Medical Career Academy has carefully developed this phlebotomy course curriculum to meet NHA certification guidelines. after successful completion of the 9 week program, the student will become a Certified Phlebotomy Technician and will be able to obtain employment as a Phlebotomist.

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NHA Certified, our EKG students complete this certified course within 11 weeks, and are able to begin their career immediately following. This EKG course provides students a competitive advantage in the hiring process.

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Pharmacy Tech

This 10-week course completely prepares students to sit for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Boards, the PTCB exam. Passing this exam will qualify the student to be certified nationally. Numerous states are now requiring PTCB certification to work as a Pharmacy Technician.

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Medical Assistant

Successful completion of this 5-month course makes the student eligible to sit for the National Health Career Certification exam for Medical Assisting. Our certified students are then prepared to gain access at entry level to a multitude of health care facilities.

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What our customers say about us

  • Katie Rose
    I can not express how happy I am to have taken this step in my life!! Trish was my instructor&she did a excellent job preparing me to become a phlebotomist, since school and having my daughter I have landed a job through Alverno Clinical and now waiting to here from a brand new hospital in Kentucky for employment!!!! Great education is the key, any questions you ever have for Trish &Jen, do not be afraid to ask!!!!! NO QUESTION IS A STUPID A QUESTION, ONLY NOT ASKING IS!!!!! KEEP IT UP TRISH&JENN!!!!!!!
    Katie Rose
  • Amanda Satter Cole
    Had an amazing experience! I'm kinda sad it's over tomorrow! Jen is amazing! She teaches down to earth!
    Amanda Satter Cole
  • Kathi Dobyns Barry
    I like that the instructor, Trish, has worked so much in the field. She teaches the required book learning, but gives real life experiences to help us understand more of the realities of this occupation!
    Kathi Dobyns Barry
  • Marquisha Haywood
    I Looovvveeeee The School I Love My Teacher Trish so much more she was awesome sad that it's over love & thank you so much Trish & Congratulations on your bundle of joy..!!!!
    Marquisha Haywood
  • Randy House
    This is Katherine Rose, & I love medical career academy and I would not trade my instructor for any other instructor miss trish is fabulous very informative and I feel very comfortable asking questions, cannot wait to accomplish this goal and to start hopefully working in a hospital!
    Randy House
  • Samantha Johnson
    Very fun and exciting. The instructors are extremely excellent and caring. We learned a lot on our first day and everyone is friendly and helpful
    Samantha Johnson
  • James Fennessy III
    Great learning environment any questions just ask. Made it fun with bear paws and armadillos. References you can relate to great teaching by Jen Miller.
    James Fennessy III
  • Cristina Arias
    I completed both, EKG & Phlebotomy programs at MCA. I am now a cardiology tech at Franciscan Alliance. Trish is amazing! With her help and dedication I passed my phlebotomy NHA. Trish also completed an employment survey for my current employer during my hiring process. Thanks for everything Trish!!!
    Cristina Arias
  • Jordan Delgado
    Jen's phlebotomy class was absolutely amazing! I can definitely say that I learned a lot from her lectures and helpful demonstrations. I would recommend her as an instructor to everybody interested in Phlebotomy here at MCA.
    Jordan Delgado
  • Juanita Dinkins
    Thank you Trish and Medical Career Academy for a new career opportunity. I am excited with my job offer from the American Red Cross and am looking forward to giving back. Thank you for your patience and training!! PS, they're still hiring
    Juanita Dinkins
  • Kiera Renee Cooper
    Medical Career is a great choice to jump starting your career fastly Jen was my instructor and she was amazing the different techniques she used to help us remember the material by comparing it to real life stuff was awesome. I will definitely return for more classes.
    Kiera Renee Cooper
  • Shawanna Divawithattitude Fields
    The school is awesome and it wouldn't be without Trish I love my teacher she's the best...thanks for believing in me and telling me I can do it...that's was the best 9 wks with her and my class...hate it is over....
    Shawanna Divawithattitude Fields
  • Tanya Noble
    This is honestly such a great class! Jen was a fantastic instructor and gave us the attention we needed to be successful phlebotomist! It was very clear she cared about our futures! Can't wait to start my career and would defiantly recommend this class to anyone!
    Tanya Noble
  • Hermanda Bonds
    Trish was a GREAT instructor. Very informal and straight to the point. My experience was great and i recommend this school to everyone looking to become a successful phlebotomist.
    Hermanda Bonds
  • Aja Pointer
    Im a week away from taking my NHA exam!!! I'm already employed for the Bio Bank!!! Thank you Ms.Trish you were a great teacher.
    Aja Pointer
  • Ashley Goodson
    I completed my Phlebotomy Technician course in October and today I started my first day of work at a plasma center! I would definitely recommend MCA to anyone who wants to jump-start their career.
    Ashley Goodson
  • Kendall Schultz
    Medical Career Academy was the best decision I have made in a long time. I didn't know what to expect, because I had no experience whatsoever, but that changed very quickly!! The instructors want you to be successful, and help you achieve your goals. The instruction and tips they give you are so beneficial, and without their guidance I would not have gotten a job so quickly! Today was my group's last class, and I have already accepted a position, out of 150 applicants, and will start next Tuesday! Thank you so much to Medical Career Academy and especially Trish for helping me in this next chapter of my life! If you are seeking to become a phlebotomist, or any of the other certifications this facility offers, I highly encourage you to enroll!
    Kendall Schultz
  • Crystal Kelle
    It was my first day of class today and I loved it. The teacher is awesome and she makes everything understandable for us. I'm confident in passing this class now. Thanks Medical Career Academy!!!
    Crystal Kelle
  • Ashley Casillas
    This program is wonderful! I loved my classmates. And they all loved me because I was pregnant. Definitely challenging but sooooo worth it. Thanks to Trish, who made an awesome resume, I got a job for the American Red Cross. I love what I do! Definitely recommend this program.
    Ashley Casillas
  • Kari White
    I am happy with my decision to attend medical career academy. Last day of class was august 29, took the NHA exam the following week on September 5, and was hired on my first phlebotomy job on September 6. I started applying to jobs while i was still a student as miss Trish told us to do and everything fell into place.
    Kari White
  • Christina Mahone
    The school was super helpful. It was accelerated but I enjoyed that aspect of it cause everywhere else it takes much longer to be certified! I started in February, got my certification in April and started at Planned Parenthood in august! They definitely drilled the most important things you should know in ur head and the certification definitely helps get your career started
    Christina Mahone
  • Josefina Lopez
    Time flies when you're having fun! Two years ago, I finished my phlebotomy certification here, and it was one of the best decisions I made. Jen and Trish were so helpful through the entire process, and really made sure everyone had the tools they needed to get through it all. Just months later, after passing my exam in June of 2015, I got my first Phleb job at community hospital in November. Now, coming up on two years there, I'm a trainer at my job and work at a lot of our different outpatient locations and doctors offices. I absolutely enjoy what I do thank you medical career academy blessed!
    Josefina Lopez
  • Amanda Starcevich
    It took me a month from when i graduated to get a job. Just the fact that in this course we get NHA certified alot of places like that because you arent limited to just one area! I recommend having a good resume made up as soon as you start the course and start applying as soon as possible!
    Amanda Starcevich
  • Alicia Monique Exom
    I recently completed this course in April. It took about 2 months for me to get a job afterwards. The certification really helped being that in a lot of places you dont even need it but having it gives you an advantage. The course helped out a lot as far as getting a little experience. The only minor problem I had was not having enough draws outside of the classroom. But Im now an employee at Octapharma Plasma. Just keep pushing a job will definitely come to you with this certification.
    Alicia Monique Exom