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Paraclete Partners Saves You Time and Trouble

Paraclete is a Greek word which means “to walk along beside.” Our mission at Paraclete Partners is to walk beside owners of small to mid-sized businesses to help you manage your human resource needs.

Managing human resources can quickly turn into a complex affair. Government regulations, exposure to lawsuits, safety compliance issues, and even employee morale and productivity pose huge challenges for many business owners.

At Paraclete Partners, we facilitate your HR needs to help you prosper. Ultimately, we free up business owners from the daily HR grind so you can focus on the adventure of doing business. Our model is tailored to meet your needs and the needs of your business. Whether you need on-site human resource consulting or some answers to a few pressing HR questions, we’re here to offer the help you require — as little or as much help as that may be.

Our 3-step Approach to HR

  1. We listen. To you. To your team. We listen as you describe your corporate culture. We listen as you and your team boast about your successes and identify your concerns.
  2. Together we create strategies and design tools to bring you increased success. We identify issues that are preventing you from achieving unmitigated marketplace success.
  3. We employ HR practices, including both traditional and contemporary techniques, to develop the strategies appropriate to meet your needs and to support your ongoing corporate success.

Paraclete Partners serves south-central Pennsylvania and the Baltimore, MD area.

Craig Porterfield

Craig Porterfield, PHR

Craig is the owner of Paraclete Partners.

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